Neilson Hammer is an asset-based real estate company dedicated to the renovation and ground-up construction of multi-family residences in the fast-growing and gentrifying areas of Los Angeles.

The principals of Neilson Hammer have extensive business and real estate experience and have lived their entire adult lives in the Los Angeles area, making them especially qualified and knowledgeable in the market.  Los Angeles is a diverse, expanding community with multiple microeconomic markets. The addition of the Metro rail network and the gentrification of certain regional pockets has resulted in significant value-added opportunities which are at the heart of the business model of Neilson Hammer.

The Los Angeles metropolitan area’s ever-changing real estate market makes investment in real estate increasingly more difficult. The swings in the market and the evolving community demographics in Los Angeles have made entry difficult for individual and small group investors.  Neilson Hammer was formed with the intent to facilitate entry for individuals and small group investors into the Los Angeles multi-family real estate market through small project syndication opportunities and value-based fund establishment.  Our syndication model allows for high net yield returns for investors with minimal risk to entry.  Multi-family investment is the most conservative sector in real estate, as demand for apartment rentals in LA has consistently increased in the past 20 years. What sets Neilson Hammer apart from general multi-family investors is our value-added investment strategy.  Through extensive renovation to existing structures or ground-up construction formulations, we are able to significantly increase rents in growing regions of Los Angeles to further protect our investments.

The principals at Neilson Hammer have helped establish a team of research, analysis, and development staff that allow us to rapidly assess and establish current and future value on presented properties.  With over 150 years of combined real estate experience, and long-time residence in Los Angeles, we think fast and act fast on real estate opportunities.  Our rehabilitation team is usually ready for renovation prior to the closing of escrow and construction is often done in record times.  Our extensive contacts in the brokerage community give us an advantage in purchasing properties; we often receive listings before properties are even made available to the investment community. This valuable resource within the brokerage community also provides us with an opportunity to quickly sell an asset upon stabilization.

Through dedicated and specific set-up parameters, we are able to efficiently create value-added opportunities in our projects, at below replacement cost with significant upside.