Neilson Hammer Los Angeles Real Estate Inventment

Neilson Hammer owes much of its success to ability of its members to think outside the box. We are always looking for ways to provide the very best product. 

The principals of Neilson Hammer have extensive business and real estate experience and have lived their entire adult lives in the Los Angeles area, making them especially qualified and knowledgeable in the market.  Each member of the team brings a high level of expertise within a specific necessary area of real estate investment and development. 

From the beginning of each venture, the team approach allows for rapid and established progressive growth.  From fundraising and investor relations to the final management and sales of each project, each member of our team has a designated role within the company. This allows for a streamlined and effective investment strategy.

The divisional model is divided into fundraising and investor relations, project attainment and due diligence, financing, project design, project development and finally management and disposition.  Ultimately, this process allows the firm to rapidly assess and establish current and future value on presented properties. By assuming strategic roles, our five principals and team of specialists are able to perform each of these functions at a highly skilled level resulting in exceptional returns on investment.