Neilson Hammer Los Angeles Real Estate Inventment


Los Angeles is a diverse, expanding community with multiple micro-economic markets. The addition of the Metro rail network and the affordability in the retail markets has spurred growth in new and under-developed areas. The result is significant demand for new modern housing which has opened up numerous value-added opportunities.

Neilson Hammer's focus is twofold.  We renovate and we build ground-up.


When we acquire apartment buildings, we look for buildings that have been neglected and are in desperate need of repair. After acquisition, each structure is torn down to the studs and essentially rebuild the structure, from new plumbing/electrical to drought resistant landscaping, and even USB outlets, we update each building to today's standards.


Los Angeles, as a city is currently under-supplied with multi-family units, we as a firm have witnessed numerous opportunities to acquire great parcels of land in developing pockets where there is a significant demand for high-end units. We began conceptualizing what the new renter values in an apartment building and are able to focus every detail of our projects to the needs and wants of our target audience.  


Neilson Hammer has been engaged in the development of commercial projects, including acquisition, development, leasing, and improvement of value added assets.