Our Investment Approach is Solid

  • Seek out promising regions of Los Angeles with a young and cool vibe desired by young working adults.
  • Perform comprehensive research into new areas that can be established early and grown into as regional growth markets.
  • Establish a large network of local brokers dedicated to our preferred markets and be the first to listing of properties and projects.
  • Perform deep project and regional research, including rental comparisons, market growth, regional demographics, surrounding projects, and coming venues.
  • Perform project-specific research in record time and deliver property bids often prior to property listing.
  • In-depth knowledge and legal experience with the moving of tenants and rent control laws.
  • Value-added based building renovation with on-trend renovation. Full building renovation to class A levels which include more than cosmetic corrections.
  • Rent establishment at high water mark levels in regions that are growing, allowing for dramatic property value addition.
  • Sale of property at high water mark levels.

Our Workflow is Simple

  • Establish a region to grow
  • In depth demographic and market trend studies
  • Broker connection establishment
  • Product acquisition
  • Planning and permitting
  • Tenant relocation
  • Renovation and Development
  • Re-marketing of property
  • Closure and sale of property

Our Targeted Investment Approach Brings Significant UpsidE

One of our targeted areas is Los Angeles's east side, which has undergone a dramatic gentrification in the past 10 years.  This market is growing partly from a need for additional affordable housing and partly from a revitalization of previously amazing neighborhoods.

There is undeniable charm to these revitalized areas and the move of young, employed twenty and thirty somethings to these gentrified areas has resulted in new stores and restaurants that people WANT to visit and neighborhoods that people are clamoring to live.

Our TargetED TenantS Create Significant Demand

Our target market tenant is a twenty- to forty-year-old single or a married couple without children who work hard and play hard.  The common finding is that our tenants are not home very much by choice.  They travel for work, eat out, and spend time at hip and fun restaurants and bars with friends.  Their income is high, but they want to live in young and vibrant neighborhoods, which offer a hip vibe and lots of choices for fun and activity.  

Our tenants want QUALITY, QUALITY and QUALITY.  They don’t need a large space but the space they are given needs to be cool, hip, clean, modern and offer amenities that make their lives comfortable.  Proximity to public transportation is also a benefit, as many of our tenants prefer mass transit.

Our Investment Strategy is Proven

Once you run demographic models and look at generational trends our proven investment strategy is among the very best in the business.

  1. The twenty- to forty-year-old generation loves small but high quality spaces with great indoor/outdoor usage and close proximity to a vibrant and hip atmosphere.
  2. The size of the unit is not as much of an issue as the quality of the living environment.  High quality small spaces still get top level rents.
  3. This young generation does NOT want to live on the west side of Los Angeles as it is EXPENSIVE and BORING.  They want Abbott Kinney but at a reasonable price.
  4. Like attracts like, and this new generation wants to be outside, eating out, and working hard with other young hipsters.
  5. Transportation needs to be easy and accessible to the projects.
  6. Size is not as important as a hip vibe and quality.
  7. Outdoor spaces are considered part of the apartment and lend HUGE value to the property and rentability.
  8. The neighborhoods need to be up-and-coming, not perfect, to attract the right crowd at the right price.
  9. Per square foot, the rents are comparable to the west side rents in these neighborhoods.
  10. The market is only getting hotter as new restaurants, bars and clothing outlets expand to these regions making these areas much more attractive than the traditional West Los Angeles properties.