Neilson Hammer Los Angeles Real Estate Inventment

Bob Baravarian

Bob has lived in the Los Angeles area since he was 13 years old, and believes there no better place to live in the world.  He is a foot and ankle surgeon and has established a multi-million dollar medical practice, which includes ten Southern California medical offices, three surgery centers, three physical therapy centers and three diagnostic imaging centers.  

Bob has extensive family experience growing up in a banking and real estate family in Los Angeles. “I love to take care of patients, but I am constantly drawn to real estate. It’s my passion to build and grow the Los Angeles real estate community.” Bob has invested in all aspects of real estate, from office buildings to commercial properties to multi-family properties.  He is especially interested in value-added multi-family investment as a safe and growing area in a tricky market.

Bob’s primary function at Neilson Hammer is fund establishment and fundraising. From fund establishment and parameter set-up to client advisement, Bob is a primary contact for investment in syndications and funds established by Neilson Hammer. “The medical community and professional community at large in Los Angeles need a safe haven to invest their hard earned money with significant upside and an asset that is tangible and visible to the person making the investment.”  Dr. Baravarian understands the needs and wants of the hard working business person and spends a majority of his time working to satisfy their wants and needs.

Bob attended and played tennis for the University of Southern California. He attended medical school in San Francisco and did his residency in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania prior to returning to Los Angeles to establish is internationally recognized foot and ankle surgery practice.

P. Paul Kashfian

Dr. Kashfian is world-class radiologist and an entrepreneur at heart. He has established a network of radiology centers that are considered among the best in Southern California. He is also a savvy real estate advisor and investor. Paul has a far-reaching family history in the real estate business.  He has grown up buying and building projects in his family portfolio and joins Neilson Hammer with extensive and diverse real estate experience.  

Paul has a knack for predicting the hot areas of Los Angeles and his medical practices allow him to feel the pulse of the concurrent communities. This has offered him a rare insight into what the people in each region are looking for and thinking. The diversity and volume of patients at his medical facilities allow for a deep and close look into the changing and growing markets of Los Angeles. “I see a large volume of patients in our locations and with each changing year, I notice the demographic changes in each community and notice the areas that are up-and-coming before the market.”  

Paul mainly works on tenant relocation and tenant establishment prior to and after renovation projects.  He also has been instrumental in fundraising and syndication of properties. “My contact with multiple doctors in all specialties, not to mention the adjunct network of people I work with, has allowed me to establish an excellent fundraising and syndication group, which I pride myself in nurturing and servicing.

Dr. Kashfian attended the University of Southern California and graduated magna cum laude from the department of engineering.  He then attended the UCLA School of Medicine and subsequently performed his residency and fellowship training in radiology at the same establishment.  

David Norouzi

David Norouzi has been actively involved in commercial real estate as a principal and real-estate broker since 1988.  He has successfully owned, redeveloped and managed numerous projects from single-family and multi-family residences to shopping centers in California, Arizona, and Nevada.  David’s portfolio of assets currently contains in excess of half a million in square feet of commercial property, and an additional 20 acres of pending development.

David is the primary principal in charge of renovation projects.  At the time a project is added to the portfolio and tenant relocation has occurred, David begins the renovation process.  From architectural review to the hiring of the contractors, David is at the heart of the project the entire way.  “My responsibilities require me to be the most hands-on in the group when it comes to each project, and I am passionate about working with our team of architects, contractors, and designers to get the project completed in record time,” David says. He also has extremely close-knit relationships with the majority of the contractors. He treats them like family members, and has been known for generously helping his contractors purchase significant personal assets, like their homes and vehicles.

David has been licensed as a real-estate broker in the State of California since 1988 and an attorney in the State of California since 1989. Additionally, he is an active member of the Urban Land Institute, ICSC and CCIM. David is also a certified ICSC Construction Development Specialist and a Certified Commercial Investment Member.

David earned his Bachelors of Science in Finance from University of Southern California, and his Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego, where he graduated at the top of his class.

Ramin Rahimi

Ramin Rahimi has lived in Los Angeles and managed multiple successful businesses in the downtown area of Los Angeles for over 30 years.  In 1997 he formed Metropolitan Industries, Inc., which is one of the leading textile manufacturing companies in the United States. Ramin has dedicated himself to the real estate business and his textile business is now run by his family.

Ramin entered industrial real estate in 1999 when he purchased industrial warehouses in downtown Los Angeles. Over the next several years, he purchased eight industrial complexes in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. As desirability increased in the LA market, he began selling his properties and refocused his efforts on commercial projects and development. He purchased an existing warehouse and converted it into retail and a creative office. He quadrupled its income in two years, refinanced the property, and cashed out triple the amount of the original purchase price.  He then began developing a 90,000 sq. ft. retail and office building in the heart of the garment district of downtown Los Angeles. He is experienced in mixed-use apartment building development in South Park and downtown Los Angeles and has enhanced expertise in creative office and warehouse development and repositioning in the Art district adjacent areas in Los Angeles.

Ramin is especially important to our company for his expertise in the up-and-coming regions of Los Angeles. Ramin’s over 20 years of real estate investment experience give him an invaluable insight into the growing and changing dynamic of the Los Angeles real estate business.  Much of the change is occurring in downtown and surrounding markets, which are his back yard. He says, “I have seen downtown Los Angeles dramatically change in the past 5 years and pride myself on keeping my finger on the pulse of these changes.”

Ramin attended the University of Southern California where he graduated with high honors in the entrepreneur program.  Ramin works with our acquisition team to find new projects.


Jack Zakariaie

Jack is a real estate attorney, with over 20 years of legal experience. Jack's practice encompasses all facets of real estate transactions, including acquisitions and dispositions, financing, construction, development, syndication, leasing, and management. Jack has extensive experience representing owners, developers, operators, private lenders and borrowers involved in retail, mixed-use, office, industrial, single-family, multi-family, including forward planning and transactional matters.

Jack says, “Through several real estate cycles, I have seen it all in the real estate business: the good, the bad and the really bad, which has helped me figure out what is right for our business and how to position our company and our investors to minimize risk and direct it for future growth.”  

Jack is responsible for the management and operations of the company, and as one of the leaders of our acquisition team is in charge of contracting, all due diligence review, and escrow closings, as well as legal structuring of each deal. “My goal is to lock up the properties our group decides to pursue, and after an exhaustive but cost-effective due diligence, complete acquisition of assets while seeking to protect our company and investors against legal risk.

Jack received his J.D. from Loyola Law School in 1993, and his B.S. in Economics-Business from University of California, Los Angeles in 1990. Jack is an active member of the State Bar of California, U.S. District Court, Central District of California, and has argued on multiple occasions before the California Court of Appeal.